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Why we are moving again.

February 9, 2011

This last year has been a crazy year regarding moving. Last year this time we moved to Nigeria, then we came back to SA, moved to Pretoria to one house, the owner didnt help us to get the electricity on, after a weekend of struggling and sleeping over at family, we had enough and got another house and moved into that house, we only signed a contract for 6 months, it was not the perfect home for us, but we were desperate.
In December just before our contract ended, J’s brother asked us if we are interested in renting his house, he want to move to a bigger house. So we extend our contract with one month to move to his house end of January.
What was nice about this house is that it was right next to the office were J works, he works for his brother. It is a house that they use for the office.

Well, the day after we moved in, J’s brother came for a visit and he asked us how long are we planning to stay here. J immediately knew his brother is up to something. He asked us if we are interested in moving to the office. He is going to move the office to an office park close by and then he want to sell this house we are living in now. He doesnt want to sell the other house, because it is in a trust for his children.

I dont really have a problem to move to the other house, it is a lot bigger than this house. This house doesnt have a garage, that house have a double garage and a working place for J. He loves to works with his hands and play around, so he is very happy about that.
The kitchen is very bigger and I will have a place to put my washing machine in the house. There is also more cupboards in the kitchen. It has more rooms. There is 3 living areas, 3 bedrooms and a study.
The main bedroom is very spacious.
So all in all it will be a good move.
It is also just next door, so we can carry over all the stuff. Or like my good friend Sharon told me, I must take Christie, Nadia and my handbag and J can do the rest.

Maybe if we are settled I will invite you all for a visit.

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  1. February 10, 2011 3:57 pm

    Ja nee wragtig, te veel is nou net mooi te veel. Ek dink regtig HIERDIE keer kan Johan die bokse pak, dra en dan weer uitpak. You have done enough, and managed 2 moves alone. It is time he helped. Sterkte vriendin!! xxx

  2. May 19, 2011 12:55 pm

    It certainly sounds like each move has been a step up, and thats never a bad thing!

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